Indonesia’s Disgraceful Friendship with Smoking and the Tobacco Industry

Indonesia is heading towards having the highest number of smokers of any country.

It’s hardly surprising. Indonesia is known as the “tobacco industry’s playground.”

1) Over two-thirds of adult Indonesian men smoke.

2) The average age of inititaion of smoking is 7 years old.

3) Almost a third of chldren under 10 years old smoke there.

4) Over a million children work as child labourers on tobacco farms in Indonesia. Their rights to education, to protection from harm and exploitation, and to a proper childhood are stolen from them.

5) Corrupt and unethical practices, including bribery and unethical partnerships and lobbying, politcal threats, conflicts of interest, linking the tobacco companies and the Indonesian government. are rife, diluting, preventing and delaying tobacco control laws.

6) Indonesia is one of a handful of countries that still hasn’t passed into law the WHO FCTC tobacco treaty, which lays down regulations on tobacco designed to help countries reduce smoking rates. Surprisingly- or not- the USA is also one of the few countries that has yet to ratify the WHO treaty.)

When the exploitation and neglect of children and their health by the tobacco industry and government alike become so disgracefully predominant, we see the worst possible outcomes of tobacco’s horrific impact on human and public health.


It’s the very worst form of corporate and governmental child abuse!


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