The vilest products on Earth: Every minute 210 years are “stolen” from humanity by the tobacco industry!

Tobacco takes years away from people’s lives. There are numerous estimates of how many minutes of life are lost as a result of smoking a single cigarette, and the numbers vary to some degree between estimates, between men and women, and there are many other variables, but we can take a reasonably conservative estimate of 11 minutes of life lost per cigarette.

About 10,000,000 cigarettes are made per minute globally.

So about 110,000,000 minutes of life are “stolen” from humanity every minute by the tobacco industry. By the way, a single machine these days is capable of manufacturing 20,000 cigarettes per minute- that’s mind-boggling!

Since 110,000,000 minutes is equal to 209 years, then over 200 years of life are taken from humanity by the tobacco industry, while they receive financial profits in exchange for these stolen years!


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