Tobacco Fact #13: The Top Five tobacco companies and the revenues they make from death and disease

The top five tobacco companies in the world, based on their financial revenues, together bring in as much money as the gross domestic products (GDPs) of many countries. They are some of the most financially successful companies on Earth.

Never forget, though, that their profits come from the pockets of hundreds of millions of people who will likely become victims of tobacco-related diseases and death.

Here they are:

Number 1: CHINA NATIONAL TOBACCO CORPORATION, owned by the Chinese Government, has a revenue of over $90,000,000,000 yearly, but it sells most of its “coffin nails” (cigarettes) to its own people. This isn’t trivial, because over 350 million Chinese people smoke, and that is almost a third of all of the smokers in the world! My concerns are two-fold: First, that China Tobacco makes a fortune killing its own people, and Second, that China is investing in many other countries, including many developing countries in Africa, and it would be a terrible thing if Chinese cigarettes became a big thing in these poor countries, which already face a devastating epidemic of tobacco-related disease.

Number 2: ALTRIA/ PHILIP MORRIS INTERNATIONAL, a US-based company that has a revenue of over $75,000,000,000 per year, and has ties with other tobacco companies in Britain, Japan and elsewhere. Philip Morris sells “cancer sticks” (cigarettes) of well known brands, including Marlboro, Virginia Slims, Chesterfield and Merit, among others.

Number 3: JAPAN TOBACCO INTERNATIONAL, with a revenue of $65,000,000,000. They make Winston and Camel “coughing sticks” (cigarettes) and numerous other brands. If you want to know what happened to the big US tobacco company, R.J.Reynolds, well it was purchased by Japan Tobacco and this became Japan Tobacco International.

Number 4: IMPERIAL TOBACCO, with almost $50,000,000,000 revenue yearly, is a multinational tobacco company with a rather complex ownership, that makes Peter Stuyvesant, Gitanes, and Embassy “death sticks” (cigarettes): also, Golden Virginia rolling tobacco, and many other brands. It also sells Rizla cigarette rolling paper.

Number 5: BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO (BAT), with an annual revenue of about $25,000,000,000, produces Dunhill, Kool, Lucky Strike, Rothmans and Kent “lung darts” (cigarettes), among others.

You can read, among some of my other posts in this blog, the wicked activities, present and past, of some of these tobacco companies.

There are many tobacco companies in addition to these top five, and it gets very complicated because tobacco companies have merged with each other so often and in such a complex way that it’s often hard to know which are collaborating, and which are working alone, in the pandemic of disease and death that their products cause. What is certain is that you can be sure that the executives who work for these companies have a handsome salary and lifestyle, as they profit from the pockets of their unfortunate victims. And many of these victims of the tobacco financial profit bonanza are children and teenagers, who get hooked for life on the addictive nicotine in the vile products of these tobacco companies!


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  1. eww, cigarretes are disgusting. I hate them and the ugly Goblins that sell to the kids. Cigarettes are horrible, they pretend to be your friend but stab u in the back with cancer and disgusting rotting skin. You don’t know the end of it on how I hate them…

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