Tobacco Facts #7: Cigarette filters are nothing but tobacco company deceit!

Contrary to what many people might think, cigarette filters do not protect smokers from any of the multiple smoking-related diseases to which they are susceptible. In fact, filters probably contributed to the increased incidence of lung adenocarcinoma, one of the four major types of lung cancer. (Smokers are at increased risk for all four main types of lung cancer.)

In the 1950s it was becoming clear that cigarette smoking was dangerous to smokers’ health, so tobacco companies added filters to cigarettes and claimed that filtered cigarettes were safer to smoke. They also created filters with ventilation holes in them which were supposed to “dilute” the smoke from burning tobacco with surrounding air when a smoker inhales. In fact, smokers compensate by inhaling more deeply with filtered cigarettes, and also cover the ventilation holes subconsciously with their fingers and lips.

Taking stronger inhalations means that the cancer-causing chemicals in cigarette smoke (and there are about 70 of these carcinogens) reach the “deeper” parts of the lungs more often, resulting in more adenocarcinomas, which are aggressive lung cancers.

To make things worse, cigarette filters are usually made with cellulose acetate, a plastic-like chemical made of fibres that are inhaled by smokers and have been detected in their lung tissues under the microscope.

Cigarette filters are nothing more than deceit, and they’re just another trick that tobacco companies have tried to make smokers feel they are puffing safer cigarettes.

Non-filtered cigarettes also are no safer than filtered ones. The truth is:


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