Tobacco Facts #1: Cigarette Butts, an Environmental Disgrace

Tobacco Facts #1:

Over 4.5 trillion (4,500,000,000,000) cigarette butts are thrown away every year. This amounts to 850, 000 tons. Cigarette butts comprise 25 to 50% of litter from streets, roads and beaches. Most butts end up in rivers, lakes and seas and we don’t know how dangerous they really are, but one single cigarette butt leached into one litre of water is enough to kill a small fish.

Cigarette butts are everywhere: an environmental eyesore and hazard! Often we don’t notice them because we’re so used to seeing them, but look carefully the next time you’re out and about and see how many you can spot. I counted 362 this morning during a one-mile walk I did.


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